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   Here you will find everything you need to know about this village situated in the Northeast of the province of Guadalajara. 190 km from Madrid, you get to Rillo by taking the highway to Barcelona (A - 2) as far as Alcolea del Pinar, and then the N-211 towards Molina de Aragón and Teruel. Rillo is 4 km before Molina de Aragón, the capital of the district. You will discover its people, its life... and even its recent ballots.

   First of all, in the front page, a summary and the most outstanding topics of the web and the links to all that is written about Rillo in the internet. versiónPulsa aquí para pasar a la versión españolaespañola Origen de las visitas Origen de las visitas reales desde el 13/V/2000

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   All the social and economic events that take place in Rillo, from christenings (not many) and weddings (them neither) to any other function, will be included here so that people who live far away from Rillo can find out everything that happens here.


   Rillo is, or maybe was, fundamentally an agricultural village, its income comes from wheat, sunflower, barley or livestock. The current production may be higher than the previously, but this has nothing in common with what the old people from Rillo remember.To enlarge: chimenea de la fabrica de resinas.

   The fact is that Rillo, just like the rest of Spain, does not have an agrarian economy any longer. The money to build the new houses that have appeared in Rillo in recent years does not come from agriculture, but from the people living in Madrid, Barcelona and Guadalajara, and the image of the old village has changed. The reason? tourism in August when everybody goes there. And, we can’t forget public money from Guadalajara (Diputación Provincial), Toledo (Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha) and Madrid (Administración Central) among other places.


   Rillo is a village built up over traditional settlements of earlier civilizations. Near the village, following the Old stream, we can find the remains of a celtic settlement, where some pottery and metallic objects were found, proving it existenced several centuries before Christ.To enlarge: aljibe de Molina la Vieja. Also the signs of old fortifications lead old chroniclers to believe that there might have been a strong castle. It seems that this tradition was always firmly followed, we know that until the XVI century and even later, the Moors from Molina went in pilgrimage to Rillo because they believed that in those ruins were the foundations of their old mosque.

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 If you have reached this page I must sincerely thank you for coming all the way to this point and if you do not know enough Spanish but decide to come over, you can be sure that all visitors will be welcomed.

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